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FRCs in Santa Barbara County

Network of Family Resource Centers Members

Network Stewards

Barb Finch, Children & Adult Network Director, Santa Barbara County Department of Social Services

Maria Chesley, Community Systems Consultant

A 2017 monograph, Family Resource Centers: Vehicles for Change Volume II, explains

Family resource centers (FRCs) are welcoming places offering a range of services, activities, and opportunities that respond comprehensively to the needs and hopes of local residents and families. Partner agencies work closely together to align and integrate their efforts to ensure that families are able to get what they need to achieve their goals to raise healthy, thriving children and become catalysts for positive change in their neighborhoods. FRCs are community-based organizations that go far beyond a “one-stop” social service center. In FRCs, how things are done is as important as what is done. While their focuses may differ, quality FRCs have a vision for addressing community needs and system barriers. FRCs embrace the idea that everyone has something to contribute regardless of needs.