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Why the Network Fundraises

The Santa Barbara County Network of Family Resource Centers (NFRC) provides training and support, information and policy advocacy, and collaborative space for family support providers and executives. The NFRC receives funding from First 5 of Santa Barbara County and applies for aligned grants to build and maintain an infrastructure to support our county’s FRCs. Family Service Agency of Santa Barbara is the NFRC’s designated fiscal sponsor and will designate donations received through this website for the NFRC’s work. 

The NFRC also strives to secure funding for FRCs so that they can focus on the work with families and communities. Without a dedicated source of funding, FRC leaders and staff must devote considerable time and energy to writing grants and planning fundraising events. The NFRC supports the California Family Resource Association’s efforts to secure ongoing state funding for FRCs. To give to a FRC in your community, please visit their website.